Beauty Portrait or Beauty Shots: A close up of a person with the sole purpose of making the subject look at their best, or beautiful.  This normally include good lighting , makeup and a fair bit of planning, however, I have had some ovations where I took unplanned shots and surprised the subject in a completely natural environment and got amazing beauty shots or portraits as well.  Most however is with complete lighting planned, setup and the subject aware of the photo to be.  I got the following on google from a photographer called Joe Edelman:

What is a Beauty Shot? I am frequently asked about them and find that most photographers and models mis-understand their purpose. Beauty shots or beauty portraits can be artistic or commercial in nature. As the definition would imply – the woman in the photo generally looks beautiful regardless of the intention. It is important to note if you are planning to try these kinds of shots… don’t kid yourself by thinking that you can do it without a makeup artist. These images require collaboration between all parties involved and to be clear I am not afraid to admit that in quite a few cases, the makeup artist deserves much more credit for the outcome of the beauty shot than I do. So there you have it… depending on the intended use… a Beauty shot can be two very different things. Regardless of the use… remember that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You won’t be able to please everyone with your beauty shots – so shoot for yourself and your subject – pay attention to the details and you will be surprised at how much people will like your results.